I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to death your right to say it.

– Voltaire

It is May Fourth. Beijing.

A light drizzle in the afternoon, I was sitting in Starbucks sipping cafe latte, trying hard to focus on my readings. It is elections time in Singapore now. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, I am continually updated on the happenings back home.

The internet plays a critical role in this watershed election – it provides a viable option for the various stakeholders to voice their opinions and concerns. Many comments and opinions, including those by the candidates themselves, are not wrong but they are often simplistic and emotional. Though this is to be expected of during any election campaign, it bothers me. The ramifications of recalibrating or reforming any policies could be disastrous if not thought through carefully.

We cannot deny people the right to speak on their beliefs and conceptions, and I hope we can move into meaningful dialogue to talk things through after the elections. We need, as a nation, to decide how we want our country to move forward. More often than not, there is no absolute truth. For instance, how do we measure “fairness” in economic redistribution? A meal at the coffee shop, food court or restaurant?

It is a deliberate decision to set up this blog late into the elections. May Fourth seems to be the best time to do, it was the day that sparked off the New Culture Movement (新文化运动) to reexamine the classics, and to embrace democratic and egalitarian values.

I hope to discuss primarily issues on education and public administration, the former is an area I am familiar with and the latter is what I am currently learning. I shall not constrain myself to only these two subjects though. Besides my own thoughts, I would most likely do more of sharing quotations and readings.

This blog is tentatively named “Cogito, ergo sum”, a statement from Descartes that has been overused. Yet, I cannot find another title I want to use at this point of time, as thinking is the only thing I am confident of doing.


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